The 3rd Annual BoomTown Give Back Awards


Thank you so much for checking out the BoomTown Give Back Awards! Nominations for the 2022 Awards are now closed.

The winners are…

The Helping Hand Award
Alicia Stukes
In 2016, Alicia founded a nonprofit called I'm Bruised But Not Broken, Inc. aka IBBNB, and in addition to her real estate career, she serves as the CEO/ED. IBBNB provides resources and services to victims of domestic violence. Under her leadership, IBBNB has developed two pinnacle programs; Metamorphosis and ‘I Am My Sisters Keeper, For I Am My Sister.’ Services such as housing relocation, temporary 72-hour sheltering, financial literacy, career clothing, holiday family support, emergency personal care items, etc. are provided to the community.

In 2019 Alicia was one of five awardees for NAR's Good Neighbor Society Volunteering Works program. Since the establishment of IBBNB as a nonprofit in 2016, Alicia and IBBNB volunteers have been able to provide resources and services for over 150 women, men, and children.

The Creative Changemaker Award
Tristan Kong
Tristan is a Deaf realtor who is not only groundbreaking as the first culturally Deaf/full ASL-using agent in the country but has brought his community with him. Tristan consistently supports the Deaf economy by hiring Deaf makers, contractors, and team members as often as he can. Tristan has used his success in ways that support his own community as much as possible.

The Walk-the-Talk Award
Chip Collins
Chip Collins consistently strives to serve his community. Through food drives, toy drives, litter sweeps, and more, Chip and the Collins Group Realty Team live by their motto, “Structured to Serve!”

Chip started the “Community Results Project” where he donates the commission from the team's 200th home sale to a charity that the community votes on. They identify one non-profit and partner with them all year, learning about their mission, goals, and what they can do to help bolster their efforts. One of the common threads from year to year is spreading awareness about the organization. They leverage their marketing team & skills to create a video showcasing what they do and post/tag them on their social media throughout the year.

In 2022, they partnered with a small trash cleanup non-profit. In addition to hosting clean-up events, spreading awareness about littering, and the promotional video, they also created a new logo for the non-profit and a T-shirt for volunteers. Through the Community Results Project, they also give $10,000 to 5 non-profits upon the sale of our 200th home each year and conduct an annual food drive and two community toy drives.

Special Award: Hurricane Hero!
Joey Giordano
During hurricane Ian, Joey and his father rescued about 30 people as well as pets out of their neighborhood with a Jon Boat and kayaks. The neighborhood had water as high as 2 feet into the homes.
→ “Hurricane Ian was flooding the home where we were staying in South Daytona, Florida. We were the first people that Joey assisted out of the floodwaters. He helped my 85-year-old mother, 84-year-old father, my husband, me, our dog Cookie (who is deathly afraid of water), and our friend Kevin. After he picked us up in his boat, he went out and continued the rest of the day picking up people in our neighborhood. The next day he went out and got waders and continued almost the entire day picking people up and delivering them to their loved ones. We really appreciate everything Joe did.” 

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