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and Receive $750.

We recognize our best business comes from the best in the business.
Refer one of your colleagues to BoomTown and if they join, you receive $750 for your time.


How It Works

Helping your friends is simple. By sharing their contact information, we’ll fast-track them to the front of the line.

Step 1

Take a minute to complete this form.

Step 2

We contact your referral to assess their needs.

Step 3

If your referral comes on board with BoomTown, we'll reward you with $750 for a Grow platform, or $500 for a Launch platform.

Terms and Conditions: Referral fees will be paid when a platform has been launched uninterrupted for 90 days. Any cancellations within 90 days voids the referral. You will be notified when your referral signs up with BoomTown. At the 90 day mark, you will be asked for your payment preference of a check or a credit to your BoomTown account. Please be advised that BoomTown is required to have you complete a W-9 tax form prior to payment if you request a check payment. 

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